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Our mission is to combine fine art and expert craftsmanship, all while helping others.

Gregory S. Warnock -

Coming from a family with 3 generations of firemen and having many friends that are first responders, I grew up surrounded by exceptionally hard-working men and women. Their industrious work ethic and desire to help others has greatly influenced my own work. I'm extremely passionate and proud of the work that I do, and I donate a portion of my profits to charities and various first responders groups to help in any way I can. I take pride in my creations and I hope I can share that with you. For more info about my recent projects, click HERE

If you would like to support first responders or a charity of our choosing, click the button below to donate today. Thank you!

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To the First Responders that lost their lives on 9/11,

I survived that day because of a member of the FDNY. That day in our lives has deeply impacted me as well as the community that I grew up in. It has always been extremely important to me to honor, support, and respectfully remember our fallen. 

Thank You,

Gregory Warnock